Executive Learning Event Evaluation

Please provide an assessment of the work practices of course participants immediately following the on-site learning event. Your thoughtful and objective responses to each question are a highly valued part of IEEI's facilitation and learning continuous improvement process. Thank you.

On a scale where 1 = Strongly Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree, please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements about the learning event:

The learning event met my expectations.
The course participants seemed enthusiastic about having participated in the program.
Participants shared course material with coworkers.
The learning event achieved the defined learning outcomes.
Colleagues reported improvements in the performance of course participants.
I have noticed an increase in morale among course participants.
We intend to extend this learning opportunity to additional employees.
Course participants provided supervisors and/or myself with feedback on how they are applying new skills on the job.
The organizational investment in this learning event is worthwhile.
IEEI provided me with guidance and support to assess the return on the organization's investment.
I heard only positive things about the learning event.
Employees who did not participate in the learning event have asked to be provided with the opportunity in the future.
I would recommend this learning event to my colleagues.

Briefly describe how IEEI can improve this learning event.

What was the most effective part of this learning event? What excited you the most?

What did you find not useful in this learning event?

Thank you for providing this vital feedback!