Who is IEEI?

Mission and background

The Information Ethics & Equity Institute (IEEI) advances the global workforce by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development for data and information workers through accreditation.

Our history includes the development of best practices in information ethics and equity and the creation and maintenance of the IEEI Standard for Continuing Education and Training.

We use the IEEI Standard, in-depth research on the learning process, and a nationwide network of experts to help continuing education and training providers develop a framework for continuous improvement and a superior learning experience for data and information workers.

Competitive Advantage

When an organization becomes an accredited IEEI CEU provider, it achieves a competitive edge. The IEEI seal indicates an organization’s commitment to best practices in adult learning and professional training, and its mastery of IEEI’s rigorous accreditation process.

IEEI offers workshops, webinars, downloadable and printed resources, industry research, and more to organizations pursuing training re/accreditation, continuing education and training (CE/T) benchmarking, and process improvement.

We also guide information professionals to Accredited Providers through our extensive network of academic researchers, institutional representatives, and organizational contacts. By providing resources and updates to the general public and accrediting organizations, we support ethical and equitable information practices that foster social justice and diversity among data and information workers.

Custom Advisory Services for Organizations

IEEI takes an holistic approach to organizational consulting. Providing support before, during, and after client continuing education and training programs, our experts work directly with organizations to conduct a variety of audits and strategic planning analyses to inform the design of a custom curriculum to achieve a range of organizational goals. After the learning event, we continue to work with the organization to facilitate the integration of the desired systems and behaviors into the organizational culture. Additionally, we craft tailored educational programs for groups and individuals in all levels and functional areas of the organization. Our comprehensive approach is designed to bring all stakeholders into the fold to develop an inclusive, all-hands diversity and equity-focused training program to meet your unique and complex organizational challenges. Let’s discuss how we can build knowledge and value with you.

Custom Auditing & Strategic Planning

  • Climate assessment
  • Diversity auditing & analytics
  • Equity planning
  • Inclusion planning (“diversity plan”)
  • Change management
  • Sense-making process modeling
  • Values & identity mapping (e.g., mission/vision)
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation planning & facilitation

Custom Education & Training Programs

  • Ethics training (equity and inclusion)
  • Implicit bias training (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, class, etc.)
  • Un/learning whiteness
  • Structural oppression: Yesterday and today
  • Communications equity and inclusion
  • Senior Leaders Institute (CDOs/Senior management/Other executives)
  • Young Leaders Institute