Standard References

The IEEI Council on Standards Development (ICSD) has used – and continues to draw from – a core collection of guides, references, and publications to develop and ensure the quality of the IEEI Standard of Continuing Education and Training. We hope this list serves as a helpful resource for organizations involved in continuing education and training (CE/T) for data and information workers.

Sources make the Standard

Many of the earlier references are those vetted by IEEI and others in the creation of the Standard. Additional sources include those used by other practitioners, researchers, and partners in the fields of education and information studies.

Continuous improvement 

The Council on Standards Development frequently considers new information generated by field research that could potentially affect the IEEI Standard.  As the Council revises categories and elements as needed to ensure quality, additions will be made periodically to this resource list.

If you have resources you’d like to recommend, please let us know.

View the current comprehensive list.