Maintaining Accreditation

With the great benefits of IEEI Accredited Provider (AP) status come great responsibilities.

An organization awarding IEEI Continuing Education Units (CEUs) under its name is responsible for ensuring that the process for development and delivery of training activities, courses, and programs meet all of the ANSI/IEEI Standard for Continuing Education and Training category elements.

Completing the AP Annual Update

The Annual Update is used to monitor changes within your organization’s Continuing Education and Training Unit and to ensure your organization remains in compliance with IEEI’s terms and conditions and the ANSI/IEEI Standard. This update is to be completed online in conjunction with your AP annual accreditation fee payment.

Conducting the AP Self-Audit

To aide your organization in completing the annual update, IEEI recommends using the self-audit checklist to assess your continuing education and training program, and ensure you have the necessary policies, processes, and record-keeping practices in place for a successful program.

For each category of the Standard, you will verify that the following elements are established, written, and implemented through documentation of:

  • Necessary policies and processes
  • Method(s) of communication
  • Evidence and examples of actual activity or practices


Download the AP Self-Audit Checklist.

Committing to Excellence

Once awarded, your IEEI Accredited Provider status is contingent on other obligations related to ongoing adherence to the Standard, including:

  • Paying an annual accreditation fee of $835
  • Maintaining the policies and processes described in your AP application
  • Keeping current with the latest versions and changes to the ANSI/IEEI Standard