Benefits of IEEI Accreditation

An IEEI Accredited Provider delivers value every step of the way—from the self-study process to the ongoing credibility communicated in the marketplace.

Accreditation shows you mean business

Any organization can host a learning event. But it takes true commitment to become an accredited provider of IEEI Continuing Education Units (CEU).

IEEI Accredited Provider (AP) status tells the world:

Accreditation gives you a competitive edge

In the world of continuing education and training (CE/T), IEEI stands for “best in class”—and IEEI accreditation puts you ahead of the game. Your reputation benefits from affiliation with the IEEI Standard. By going through the rigorous application process for your IEEI accreditation, you have demonstrated your organization’s commitment to continuing education and training excellence fostering social justice and diversity among data and information workers. Meanwhile your employees, students, customers, and other participants of your training events get the best return on their investment.

IEEI Accredited Provider status also makes branding sense. After accreditation, IEEI supports you with:

  • Draft news releases to announce your achievement
  • Educational articles for promoting your thought leadership
  • Permission to use the IEEI AP logo and approved IEEI statement in your marketing materials.

Accreditation strengthens your CE/T capabilities

With IEEI, the journey to accreditation is as valuable as the destination. Our thorough accreditation application process is guided by the IEEI Standard for continuing education and training and the latest best practices in adult learning.

You benefit from a comprehensive audit of your organization’s training program by a Commission of professionals from across the United States. At the end, you’ll have a framework for continuous improvement, from managing your professional training events efficiently to developing the best possible learning programs for data and information workers in any discipline.

After achieving AP status, you join a select community of organizations that share your commitment to evidence-based educational rigor, excellence, and integrity. IEEI accreditation connects you with a network of CE/T peers through exclusive webinars and IEEI’s bi-monthly eNewsletter.