IEEI Standard

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The IEEI Standard for Continuing Education and Training defines a proven model for developing effective and valuable continuing education and training (CE/T) programs for data and information workers.

Because the IEEI Standard focuses on how continuing education and training programs can be developed with an emphasis on the ethical principles and practices supporting our mission, it provides a framework of best practices that can be applied across disciplines and industries.

What does the Standard measure?

The IEEI Standard measures all aspects of a CE/T provider’s program development across 10 nationally recognized categories:

  • Continuing Education and Training Organization
  • Responsibility and Control
  • Learning Environment and Support Systems
  • Learning Event Planning
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Planning and Instructional Personnel
  • Content and Instructional Methods
  • Assessment of Learning Outcomes
  • Awarding CEUs and Maintaining Learner Records
  • Program Evaluation

Purchase the Standard and Application Bundle now.

The Standard categories, as illustrated in the model below, provide organizations with the framework to develop and administer quality continuing education and training in the ethical and equitable practices that foster social justice and diversity among data and information workers.


A systematic approach to identifying and analyzing learning needs, the IEEI Standard helps CE/T providers:

  • Establish an appropriate responsibility and control system
  • Encourage an analytic approach to identifying and analyzing learning needs
  • Design, plan, and execute a quality learning event
  • Establish appropriate assessment criteria based on the learning outcomes
  • Monitor and improve the learning process in order to achieve its objectives

The IEEI Standard also emphasizes the importance of continually reviewing and improving education and training, to ensure the development of quality programs that meet consumer needs and advance ethical and equitable information practices.

Why the Standard matters

Within a competitive marketplace, it pays to align your organization and its CE/T programs with the name synonymous for quality in continuing education. The IEEI Standard is recognized as the official standard for CE/T for data and information workers, with a corresponding reputation for excellence.

This reputation extends to IEEI Accredited Providers. Only IEEI APs can offer IEEI CEUs. And only IEEI CEUs communicate to employers, licensing authorities, certification bodies, and others that a CE/T program meets the highest standards.

Comprehensive support

IEEI has submitted an application for recognition as an IACET/ANSI-Accredited Provider. As a Prospective Accredited Provider, IEEI’s Council on Standards Development provides a method to handle suggestions for improvement, questions from users of the Standard, and requests for interpretations of the standard in a fair and consistent manner. Suggestions for improvement or questions concerning the Standard are reviewed by the Council on Standards Development.

Submit a written request for an official interpretation of a standard category or element.