IEEI Council on Standards Development

The IEEI Council on Standards Development is responsible for the development, maintenance, and dissemination of evidence-based standards that promote and enhance quality continuing education and training (CE/T) for data and information workers.  For a copy of the IEEI Council on Standards Development Procedures for American National Standards, please send an email to info[at]

Standards Development and Support

IEEI is in the process of becoming  an IACET-Accredited standards developing organization (SDO). As an SDO, IEEI’s Council on Standards Development will provide a process to ensure that suggestions for improvement, questions from users of the Standard, and requests for interpretations of the standard are addressed fairly and consistently. Suggestions for improvement or questions concerning the IEEI Standard are reviewed by the Council on Standards Development.

Submit a written request for an official interpretation of a standard category or element.

Goal Alignment

IEEI formed the IEEI Council on Standards Development to develop and file the Criteria and Guidelines for Quality Continuing Education and Training Programs for Data and Information Workers with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for approval as an American National Standard (ANS).

Guided by the IEEI vision and the U.S. Department of Education’s goals for CE/T, the IEEI Council on Standards Development operates from a set of strategic goals and action plans that reflects field research and other new information related to continuing education and training quality and excellence in the information professions.