IEEI Commission

Aligning Activities with the IEEI Mission

The IEEI Commission directs and administers the accreditation process for organizations seeking IEEI Accredited Provider designation. These experts in continuing education and training review applications, work with applicants to address questions, and conduct site visits to verify the accuracy of information provided in the Accredited Provider accreditation application.

Because IEEI accreditation is a framework for continuous improvement, the Commission also is charged with continued monitoring of Accredited Provider compliance with the IEEI Standard.

Independence and Support

The IEEI Commission operates independently from the IEEI Board of Directors. However, the Board may be asked to review decisions, per IEEI’s bylaws, policies, and procedures.

The IEEI Board of Directors appoints IEEI Commission members based on recommendations from a task force, which includes the Commission Executive Committee and two representatives from the IEEI Board of Directors. The Commission Chair is appointed by the president of the Board, with approval by its members. Commission members serve three-year terms.